30 de Agosto 2018

Since 1671, every August 30th, Peruvians mostly from Lima Capital, celebrate the Fiesta Patronal from a Saint called Saint Rose of Lima (Santa Rosa de Lima).

Rosa de Santa María, as she was known before canonization, has granted millions of people with miracles and as followers said, those miracles were granted, even outside Peru. That is why she is being known today as the Patroness of Peru, America and the Filipinas.

Saint Rose of Lima

The House of Saint Rose of Lima, still retains the guidelines they had in the sixteenth century, when Rosa lived. It is visited annually by thousands of devotees, pilgrims and tourists who tour this place so linked to her life.

A hermitage where she prayed and a well of twenty meters deep are still preserved as relics where her devotees deposit their written wishes.

Saint Rose of Lima

The sanctuary was begun after its canonization, with subsequent restorations during the XVII-XX centuries it had to be remodeled and finally inaugurated on August 24, 1992. This place is the main point of pilgrimage of all of Peru and its popular roots is comparable to the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico.

The figure of Santa Rosa de Lima (Saint Rose of Lima) remains in the heart of the Peruvian people as a symbol of national integration. She is the patroness of police and armed institutes: patroness of the National Police of the Republic of Peru and the Armed Forces of Argentina, America and the Philippines. Since 1671, every 30 August the people of Lima dress up to pay homage to the patron saint of the city: Santa Rosa de Lima.

Saint Rose of Lima

More information about Saint Rose of Lima in Wikipedia, acá.


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