calling peru from abroad

If you need to contact family or friends in Peru or are planning to trip to Peru and need to know how to call Peru, the following article will explain how to dial. Also, we will explain some alternatives to call Peru free or at a very low cost.

Calling Peru landlines from abroad

To call Peru from any country you must do the following:

  • First dial the international exit code.
  • Then dial ” 51″ (this is the country prefix of Peru )
  • Then dial the prefix of city / province that has 1 or 2 digits (see below the full list of city prefixes)
  • Finally the phone number is dialed, which has 6 to 7 digits.

In summary, the format of the number what you should check is:

International-exit-code + 51 + City-prefix + Telephone-number

The International Exit code

  1. The international exit code when calling from the United States or Canada is “011”
  2. The international exit code in almost all other countries is “00”, but some countries have different. For a complete list check here.

Remember that alternatively you can always dial “+1”, and this always replaces the international exit code.

Example to call Landline Telephone in Lima- Peru from Italy

calling Peru landline from Italy
Example to call landlines in Lima, Peru from the United States

Calling Peru Cell Phones from Abroad

To call cell phones in Peru from any country, the same calling format is normally followed:

International-exit code + 51 + 9 + Telephone number

The number “9” in the marking represents the Mobile Virtual Area . Every cell phone in Peru, regardless of the city / place where the user is located, and where it was purchased from, is part of this Mobile Virtual Area.

Example to Call Any Cell Phone in Peru from United Kingdom

Calling Peru Cell Phone from United Kingdom

More Examples of Calling Peru from Some Countries

The following table indicates the formats to call Peru from some countries.

calling Peru from abroad
How to call Peru from abroad

Calling Peru Nextel / Entel number from abroad

Note that Nextel is now Entel Peru. The Nextel / Entel numbers in Peru have a format similar to XXX * XXXX.  For example, 423 * 1561 .

If you call from abroad you must follow some rules to be able to make a call to a Nextel cell phone, in the following way:

  • If the Nextel number starts with 4 or 8, the 51-99 must be prefixed
  • If the Nextel number starts with 1, the 51-98 must be prefixed
  • If the Nextel number starts with 6, the 51-94 must be prefixed

For example:

  • If the number is 412 * 3476, you should dial 51-99-412-3476
  • If the number is 892 * 3457, you should dial 51-99-892-3457
  • If the number is 112 * 3456, you should dial 51-98-112-3456
  • If the number is 692 * 3456, you should dial 51-94-692-3456

Telephone Directories of Peru

If you are looking for an address or telephone number for specific people or businesses in Peru, these two telephone directories will be very helpful:

City Prefixes for Long Distance Calls

If you need to call provinces the following list of prefixes for cities in Peru will be of help.

City Prefixes to call Peru long distance
City to call Peru long distance

Calling Peru for Free

There are some options to call Peru for free over the Internet. These calls are made through programs such as Skype or MagicJack that allow free calls to computer or with a very low payment you can call from your computer to a phone (landline or cell).

To make a  free telephone call, you must have a high-speed Internet connection. Then, you must install one of the aforementioned programs and you can call your friends or relatives in Peru to their telephone numbers at a low cost.

If your family or friends in Peru have also installed Skype or MagicJack, Google Hangout, Viber or other similar, you can speak completely free and unlimited.

Several of these software (also called VOIP) also allow videoconferences, chat, and offer additional features. Some of these solutions also allow you to have a phone number from the United States, or from another country, to which you can call from any country.

Another alternative that can also be considered is Vonage, a service more similar to regular telephone service, but uses the Internet to make calls. With Vonage you install a Vonage device in your home and thus you no longer use your computer for calls. If you install this equipment in Peru you can make unlimited calls to the United States and Canada with a very small monthly payment.

In a following article we will discuss in more detail the costs, advantages and differences between Skype, MagicJack, Vonage and other similar services.


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