Lunahuana Enchanted Valley

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Canotaje en LunahuanáLunahuaná Tourist Capital of the Province of Cañete, is the land of giant shrimp, wine, pisco and extreme canoeing. With sunshine all year round for sports enthusiasts and adventure for those wishing to enjoy the benefits of the countryside, Just two hours from Lima. An ideal place friendly and welcoming people who have established bases in these privileged land bathed by the river Cañete.

Because of its geography Lunahuaná has an enviable microclimate that gives you year-round sunshine and the rivers flow enough to make it good for sports. Note that this town has become national and international tourist center. For example, during the last week of February each year, there is the International Festival Adventure, and for the first week of October, heralds the beginning of XIX “Níspero” Festival 2008 to be held from 3 to 5 October. Of course, these festivals offer the attractions of the area, its excellent climate, boating, the circuit of pisco and delicious cuisine.

Canotaje en LunahuanáLunahuaná is not only all sport and adventure. It’s history. It is the archaeological heritage of a people that goes back to the dawn of Peru and there is evidence that the first settlers arrived in this area between 6000 and 2000 BC. But it was during the expansion of the Inca Empire that became Lunahuaná the second largest city of the empire led by Inca Pachacutec.

Here stands the ruins of Incahuasi, located 10 minutes from Lunahuaná. Although little known, this archaeological complex is impressive and consists of a series of ceremonial buildings, such as the Inca palace, granaries, the fortress, houses and irrigation canals. Admission is only 1 Peruvian Sol, and the guided tour takes about 30 minutes. A bath of history that is worth taking.

And if adrenaline is your choice of travel, Lunahuaná is a tourist destination where the adventure is rather present. The Cañete river rapids are best for canoeing practice and experience the thrill of descending by the exciting rapids of this river. It’s amazing to watch the colorful rafts or kayaks hold onto their troubled waters and see the rush in the faces of the balsistas that after a distance of 20 minutes, has an adventure to tell.

Panorámica de LunahuanáAfter gliding through the exciting rapids of the Cañete river, you still have several hours ahead to continue enjoying. The walks along the banks of the river are pretty funny, but we recommend using a good insect repellent and sunscreen. Trekking through the countryside can also be enjoyable. For 10 Peruvian Soles per horse, you can travel several kilometers in the area of Paullo. Rest assured, a guide will accompany them at all times.

And by the time of tasting during the thrill of adventure, Lunahuaná has over  50 restaurants, and a similar number of hotels and accommodations in all price ranges. Here, the shrimp dish is required. Large and deliciously prepared, are the main players in any table. The price?, do not worry. The shrimp dishes, the “causas” or “tacus tacu” wont be more than 25 peruvian soles.

And talking about food, we must also mention the area’s favorite drink: Pisco. More than 15 wineries in the area produce pisco and wine. Each has its own vineyards and distilleries. These wineries are part of the tour. A stroll through the tasting facilities and a subsequent will that we want, like them, drink our flag. Before dawn, you can visit the museum in the Bodega de Pisco Rivadeneyra.

Iglesia Colonial en LunahuanáAll this can be achieved up early on a Sunday. Spending the day in Lunahuaná is a good decision, but the beauty of the area and the hospitality of its people dreamed possible move there for life. To reach Lunahuaná from Lima, you should follow the South Pan-American Highway for almost two hours, you then reach Cañete. From here take the left turn at Km 143 Panamericana Sur, which leads to Imperial – Lunahuaná – Yauyos. On the way, you go through tolls of Villa, Chilca and Lunahuaná.

What to bring? Short, t-shirts, hat, light jacket, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, camera, shoes, swimwear and, yes, eager to spend an unforgettable weekend in this magical place in the south of Lima.


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